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The Button Hole Revisited

The Deus Duo revisited "the button hole" - named for the amount of buttons we've pulled out of there.

There were a few buttons found today in addition to some coins and interesting relics. Head on over to our facebook page for more photo's of John's finds.

Here's the summary of Xlii's finds, at the end is a short video showing the padlock and penny signals.

1881 Queen Victoria Three Pence

1877 (?) Queen Victoria Penny

Buttons / Studs

The Spendables



1892 - 1893 Dog Registration Tag

Unknown Silver Item

I find these from time to time, no idea what they are. If you have any ideas please let me know. My best guess on this one is it's maker is ADM (?) and is 1900 sterling silver, London.

Misc Items


Xlii's favourite find of the day

Video showing TID for padlock and penny.

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