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New Machine, Old Ground

Recently I purchased the new Deus II and I'm loving it. I'll admit the first place I took it was the beach to try out those modes (impressed with them, I think there's more sand in my future) but I was really itching to find out how it performed over ground I'd covered before.

There are two places I have hammered with both the AT Pro and the Deus. I specifically chose those to test it out.

First trip was to a place I call the honey hole. It's the where I've pulled out loads of pre decimals - including the sovereign. Every time I get a new coil or machine that's the first place I go. On this day I was using factory settings on the sensitive program just to get a feel for the machine.

Most of what I recovered was trash, but I did managed to recover this nice little 1941 silver three pence that was about 5 inches down. I had to have two cracks at it, it was sitting right next to an ant nest...

I will head back to the honey hole when there's been more rain, there is a lot of ground to cover there.

Next place I went to I don't have a pet name for, I should make one up. Honey hole 2 sounds good. Again, I've pulled a lot of things out of this place, lots of toy parts (cars, guns), relics and coins. This trip however I wasn't using the factory settings. I used the sensitive program and removed most of the discrimination and other 'filters'. Silencer, reactivity, everything.

Yes it made things noisy. I found myself looking at the screen WAY more than I normally would (I prefer to use audio to determine if I'll dig something), but the targets I was pulling out were DEEP. Almost the length of pin pointer deep in some cases.

Sure it was nice to find a 1918 three pence. But find of the day for me was the 1960s Lesney No. 37 Coca Cola truck. That baby was gifted to a mate who collects old cars and will love it more than me.

Deus II, I'm still very new to it so there's a lot to learn. Watch this space!


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