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When your partner says 'let's go away for the weekend to a 1900s Airbnb cottage' who are you to say no? So that's what we did this weekend. No internet. No traffic. "No worries" when I asked if I could metal detect on the property. "Good luck".

The morning was spent going into town for supplies, BBQ foods, wood for the fire, unplanned clothing purchases due to Big W having a clearance sale and by the time the afternoon came, it was raining. A light yet consistent drizzle.

A little bit of rain never hurt a good detectorist so out came the rain jacket, headphones only and off I went.

It was pretty obvious the property had never been detected before. Yes there were lots of ring pulls but there were some other goodies in amongst the trash.

Most of the coins (and all of the predecimals) were found in the rain, along with the relics. The second day was much lovlier for weather and had a few spendables, however it also came with a yellow stunner. Men's wedding band with three diamonds.

For those of you who may be interested the square coin is a 1/2 cent and says "CURRENCY OF MALAY" - dated 1940. My favourite coin of the lot. Pretty toasted but i love finding old foreign coins. My favourite relic is a toss up between the lady with the bucket and the car, which I unfortunately damaged getting it out of the ground.

All items were left at the property for the land owner - I hope they are able to return the ring to the original owner. There was likely some grief at that loss!


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