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ATHC Camp - Day 1

Every year the Adelaide Treasure Hunters Club goes away metal detecting for the weekend. This year the club went to the Riverland in South Australia.

Base camp was Barmera Caravan Park where the doggy enjoyed early morning walks along the lake side. on the first day in the morning the water was like glass!

The day's detecting was delayed a short while as the gates to the site were locked as the care taker had forgotten we were coming (whoops!) but soon enough we were able to access the property. According to the care taker the site had never been detected before so we were all hopeful of some goodies.

The site itself has been host to many field days, however only in recent times so the expected treasures were decimal coins, relics and possibly jewellery. I personally came back to camp with over $40 in spendables. Other items of note were tarp loops, a button and a johnny walker thingamajig.

This lady beetle kindly posed with my coil.

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