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Code of Conduct

Welcome!  If you're seeing this page then chances are we've met, I've tried to contact you and you followed some breadcrumbs to this page or someone I know directed you here.   Thanks for stopping by!

I am a metal detecting enthusiast and am interested in obtaining permission to doing a spot of detecting on your property.  This page is designed to answer any questions you may have about that activity.  If you have any questions this page doesn't answer, please use the contact box below and leave your details and / or question and I will get back to you soon.  I am happy to communicate via email or phone, if you have a preferred method please let me know.

Xlii's Code of Conduct.

What I will do...

  • Respect your property and any animals / plants.

  • Remove all trash recovered.

  • Photograph my finds on site (photographs are done in a way so as not to identify the location they were found).

  • Do my very best to leave the earth the way I found it.  I don't 'dig holes', I cut a plug, retrieve the target and replace the plug.  I am happy to do a demonstration of this technique if you wish.  Alternatively, I use a probe (screwdriver) to work the target out.

  • Disclose all finds to you if requested and if you wish, give them to you if you want them (though I would like to opportunity to photograph them for my blog).

  • Observe and obey any special requests about access to the property.

  • Inform you of the times I am expecting to be on the property.

  • Bring my spare detector and teach you how to use it if you want to join in.

  • Assist in making cups of tea if they are offered.

What I may do...

  • Ask if it's OK to bring a friend (or two) - this friend would be invited only on the conditions they comply with the 'rules' outlined on this web page (and any you specify of course).  

  • Take video footage of the recoveries - again, this is done in a way so as not to disclose the location of the site.

  • Do the sovereign dance if one is found.

What I will not do...

  • Leave great, gaping holes about the place.

  • Leave any rubbish lying around.

  • Find a jar with 600 gold coins in it then not tell you about it.

  • Arrive without informing you first.

  • Bring any animals with me.

  • Bring any people with me without letting you know first.

  • Share your contact details without your permission.

  • Bury the remains of your arch rival (sorry, that would just take too long with my equipment!).

I consider it a real privilege to detect on someone's property and it is important to me that owners / caretakers are not displeased with my presence or actions.  No one gets welcomed back or gets tips on other properties that way!


What does Xlii mean?

Ha!  I get asked this a lot.  It's a name I got given at university.  I hung with computer science nerds who called each other by their username, my username was 'fortytwo' and over the years, it evolved into the Roman numerals equivalent, xlii.

Does that mean it's pronounced 'fortytwo'?


I can't call you that.  What's your real name?

For all intents and purposes, Xlii is my real name.  It's been with me for over 20 years, much like Dazza or Brownie's names have been with them.

I seriously can't call you that.

OK, but you'll have meet me in person... say at your place with a metal detector or two? ;)

What sort of things are you looking for?

I like to look for old items such as predecimal coins or items that have a story to tell (relics).  The older the item the better!  I am not overly interested in searching for gold, unless it's a sovereign of course! 

What does 'cut a plug' mean?

Plug cutting is a technique used to retrieve targets without causing damage to grass.  A special tool is used to cut a half to three quarter circle, then this is 'popped out' to above ground level.  You then retrieve the target from the 'hole' and put the plug back.  

Why would you want to give all the finds to me?

This is very simple.  Because as the property owner, they belong to you!  My interest is purely in finding them.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to keep the finds, but your property - you get first dibs - especially if it's an item with an historical connection to the property.

Do you have any pictures of things you have found that I can see?

Why yes I do!  You can see them on my blog in the Metal Detecting category.

If there's anything not covered that you'd like answered please use the contact form below.  Thank you for taking the time to read this page.


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