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I detected the backyard of a house in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide today (my warm thanks to the land owner for permission to do so!). I started with my favourite coil (white HF elliptical) to get in and around the trash. It was a fairly small backyard that was cut short so i covered it in no time. Very little trash too. Came up with a Paris style suspender buckle but this one said "BRITISH" instead, a quaint teaspoon which looks like it has a monk on the end of it and a few decimal coins.

I then switched to the 11" coil and went over the yard again, I'm glad I did, there was a rising sun badge still there, deeper in one of the existing holes no less (yes I always rescan my holes, it was out of the reach of the elliptical coil).

Once the back yard was cleared I moved to the front yard, however the grass was rather long here so it was a lot more difficult to swing. I went back to the elliptical coil to get in and around the plants and came up with a 1929 half penny.

All finds were left with the land owner, this is the total haul.


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