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ATHC Camp - Day 3

Whilst this was a four day trip, day three was my last (and favourite) day of serious detecting. The rain had departed leaving the soil in perfect condition for retrieving targets. Destination: a local primary school.

We had access to the whole school grounds however I only ventured onto the edges of the oval - there were some good signals and finds to be had all day.

First predecimal of the day was this 1951 penny.

Next interesting target was a bullet (suggested by someone to be a 303, if you have another suggestion please drop me a line!).

The soil was pretty harsh on these coils and this 1927 half penny was very hard to get a date from.

1944 penny.

Another 1944 penny, however this one has either taken a hit or deliberately bent.

With this little ring I thought I had struck gold, but it was not to be. Still - a ring is a ring!

The targets were incredibly deep, I was pulling out pennies almost the depth of my pin pointer.

Another toasty penny, this one from 1924.

I can't remember not enjoying finding a buckle. This one was no different.

I had been over this spot, as had half a dozen other people, when I went back and pulled this little bracelet out I couldn't believe it. It's a junk bracelet, but it certainly goes to show no matter how many times you cover ground, you might still have missed something!

1936 penny

1946 shining - hooray for silver!

1942 penny (I like the sound of that number... ;))

This was an interesting find, this appears to be a necklace made from a 10c coin. I would have preferred the same in a predecimal but I am not complaining.

I kept going back over ground I had already covered, especially since I had been finding coins very deep - those fainter signals became highly desirable. This 1955 sixpence being one of the rewards.

Not far from that sixpence these three babies were found. All nestled together like the dat they were lost. I can only imagine some poor child went hungry that day.

The decimal haul was much lower than previous days, but since I prefer the older coins I consider this day to be the most successful with 13 predecimal coins.


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