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Military Relics and Silver

My Deus Duo partner and I visited a spot near the button hole mentioned in previous posts. It certainly didn't disappoint! I came out with two (possibly three) silvers and a rising sun badge. My mate also found some interesting items. Will definitely have to revisit this spot!

Xlii's Finds

Fishing Rod

The first find of the day was this fishing rod. It was mostly intact but missing a reel. Unfortunately the handle had either wood rot or termite damage, I wasn't going to take the risk it was termites so I trashed it pretty quickly.


The first decent target was this ornate buckle, it appears to have stones (glass?) in it at one stage.

Sterling Silver Watch Back

Not far from the buckle was this sterling silver watch backing (small, about the size of a wrist watch). The hall marking indicates George Stockwell made from imported silver in 1921.


The next good find was this button, it's marked as "THE DON TAILORS ADELAIDE". I did find another button later in the day but that was toasted, if it had any marking it is long gone.


Following the button was this interesting buckle, it's broken but you can still make out the writing. It says "BRITISH".

1918 - 1919 Dog Registration Tag

In the video you can hear the excitement about the next good target (for the records I'm saying dog tag, not dog turd)! I love finding old dog tags. This one celebrated its 100th birthday recently...

Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Rising Sun Badge

As evident in the short video below, I was also very happy to come across this little gem. It's my second rising sun badge.

1922 King George V Three Pence

I was just about to start digging this coin when one of the locals started asking questions about what we were doing / looking for. I had a chat with her and she shared some very interesting information about the site and its history. I always have a chat to the locals - they know more than I do about a location most of the time!

JB's Finds...

All photos by John.

1922 King George V Sixpence



Clock part




Lead animal

Badges / Buttons

The Wrap Up Video...

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