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Earlier in the year I scouted out a couple of new spots which I determined would be better detected after some rain. The sky opened up recently so I headed there with a mate.

A couple of poor condition predecimals but plenty of brown buggers. One two cent coin was so thin and had no rim to it, makes me wonder if it was a planchet error.

1924 King George V Penny

Toasty, found at the second site for the day.

1939 King George VI Penny

Found at the first site this coin looks like it has taken quite a hit.

12 Gauge Shot Gun Shell Casings

Unknown Calibre Shell Casings

.22 Shell Casings

Aluminium Button

Small Button, "ENGLISH MAKE"

Car Spill

The next three items were all found within a few centimetres of each other, I'm calling it a car spill.

1977 Hot Wheels Stagefright


1973 Matchbox No. 28 Stoat

I rather liked the detail on the side - a shovel and a pick!

Wing Nuts

Part of a Toy Gun

Modern Coins

The 1c Coins

The 2c Coins

The interesting one is the one on the top.

The top coin is the weird 2c, the coin underneath is a regular 2c.

Weird 2c on the left, regular on the right.

Close up of the reverse.

Close up of the obverse. The design of QE II suggests 1984 or earlier.

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