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1800s silver

Another day, another dollar... found with the detector!

My mate and I headed out to a spot I've had some success with in the past, whilst we didn't find many predecs, the one I found was 1800s and silver and that always makes the drive worth it.

1800-and-something Queen Victoria Three Pence

Sadly this coin was too worn to get a date from, you can just make out 18 on the left hand side of the reverse but try as I might, I can't get a number from the right hand side. Best I can tell is it's a young head Victoria.


No information on this sadly, it was quite deep though.

Carr Fast Australia

I'm not convinced this button is old, but it's a button and buttons are cool.

The Modern Stuff

I'm $1.56 closer to buying a new machine! Woot!

The Trash

And a bit of dirt.

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