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Ancestry part 2

If you're reading this and you haven't read part 1, good news! You don't need to go back and read it first, but it may be useful if you want the back story.

Day 2. Pop's Second Home

A few hundred metres and across the road from his first home was Pop's second home. Again, there is no remaining evidence of a dwelling at a casual glance and you certainly can't see anything from the road. It was harder to find where this house was, the land owner knew where it had been and pointed the location out to us on a map, but all we could see were three bricks, a few pieces of broken glass and an iron rubbish pit (which may have been a recent thing as it's still an active farm).

We were told the house had been east of a lone tree on the hill, so we focussed on that area to start. The targets were few and far between but I did find a cuff link which was nice. At first I thought this may have had some engraving on it but on cleaning I think it's just the design.

After a lot more swinging with no real success we decided to move to the western side of the tree and we were rewarded immediately with a cricket belt buckle, it was broken but I'll take a broken cricket buckle over no cricket buckle!

This discovery rekindled my hopes for this site and more interesting things were found in this area. I should also mention it was HOT with little shade - certainly not the best conditions to be detecting in, but I had travelled thousands of kilometres to get there and wasn't going to let a bit of weather stop me! Fortunately the breeze was strong which made the conditions bearable for me. My comrades however took refuge in the car under a shady tree.

It was at this site where I found my first boot heel - this one being made from iron.

This love heart saddle brass piece was a neat find, I like how it cleaned up too.

I didn't actually expect to find any coins because I don't think there's much use for them on farms, but I got two and they were rippers. The first was an 1872 penny hidden under a tuft of scrub, you can actually see scratches in the shape of an "X" on the obverse side, I'm not sure what the intention behind these were - if you have any ideas please let me know. The big scratch on the reverse side is unfortunately mine.

The other coin found was a gorgeous 1886 three pence. Lovely condition for having been in the ground that long.

Last item of note for this property was a button, it has "ASK FOR CROWNS" on it. I wasn't able to find much on this button and I forgot to take an in field pic. If you have any further info on this button please get in touch.

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