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The Rockarama, 2019

Every year for the past few years I go to the Palmer Rockarama. It's a craft and mineral fair weekend, but on the Sunday there is a metal detecting competition.

Every year I say I'm going to win the prize, as we were coming down the hill into the town we saw a rainbow and I joked to my companion about how that was an omen, it's landing on our campsite and means I'm going to win.

I get to the campgrounds and this is what we were greeted with...

Major sponsors this year were Garrett and Minelab, my first detector (other than the RadioShack one dad bought me when I was 7...) was a Garrett and I have spent hours watching YouTube videos of Warren from NQ explorers. Went total fangirl when I saw he was manning the Garrett march tent this year.

I'm a big believer in your heroes should be real people.

Managed to grab this little beauty for a tenner!

I did get some non-event detecting in around the campgrounds. In previous years they have seeded these grounds so there were plenty of targets. Mostly .22 rimfire but there were some other interesting items.

The event is pet friendly! My dog chipped in and helped the scouts by purchasing a hot breakfast.

If you're interested in attending the Rockarama, it's always the first weekend in May. Camping is available from the Friday and the craft fair is Saturday and Sunday. There are two sessions for metal detecting (1 hour each), it's a seeded hunt, but you never know what the prizes will be awarded for. Just google "palmer rockarama" and follow the links to the Murraylands Gem and Mineral Club. Forms are generally downloadable from the internet, you pay online and post your entry in.

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