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An Interesting Button and other Relics

I went back to the spot where I found the Australia Day Adelaide 1918 badge to see if there were any other treasures to be found - and there were!

Municipal Tramways Trust Button

Established in 1906, the Municipal Tramways Trust looked after trams, busses and trolley busses. These functions were transferred to the State Transport Authority in 1975. You can read more about the MTT here.

1861 Queen Victoria Half Penny

Very well worn, this gave a lovely signal.



This tiny button practically disintegrated the moment I unearthed it.


This buckle was quite small, about the size you'd find on a cat collar.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud (Lesney) Toy Car

Circa 1960

Padlock Part


Possibly off a purse?

The Decimals

The Ammunition Casings

The Unknown Items...

If you have any ideas on what these could be please let me know!

Possible a gun trigger? This item was quite heavy but not made from lead.

Possible a watch or clock part?

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