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1800s Dog Tag

I love finding dog tags. I love finding 1800s. When the two are combined it makes me very happy. I found a few other interesting items today, overall I was pretty happy with today's efforts.

Dog Registration Tag - 1 July 92 to 30 June 93

Whilst it isn't printed on the tag itself, the dates are 1892 and 1893. This now makes it my oldest dog tag, the previous one was 1895 - 1896.

Silver (925) Earring.

Junk Ring

IND 1999 Tag (?)

Toy F-16

Pocket Watch Part - 925 Silver

From what I can tell, the hallmarks indicate this is 1910, George Stockwell, London.


The Coins.

Sadly there were no predecimals today.

The Others

I can't remember what these things are called.

16 gauge shot gun shell casing

18 period - no idea what this is, it's got the same thing on the other side.

Not sure what this is either, but it looks like it's got a list of names.

No ideas what this is either! If you can shed some light please let me know.

The Trash

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