Photographing your finds - tips for taking photos at home with a smart phone.

So you've got your finds home, they're cleaned up and you want to show them off! You still don't need a fancy camera to show good detail (all photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 7 plus). All you need is your smart phone and a few items you probably have lying around the house.

What you will need:

A box

A box cutter

Some tape

Some baking paper

A light source

Step 1

Choose the side you want the light to come from. Lighting from one side only creates better shadows and therefore definition on the subject you are photographing.

Cut a hole in the side of the box using the box cutter.

Step 2

Cover the hole you just cut with the baking paper, hold the baking paper in place with the tape. The baking paper acts as a diffuser.

Step 3

Position the lamp on the outside of the box and direct it towards the baking paper.

Step 4

OPTIONAL - choose an item you would like to use as a background for your subject. I use a block of wood.

Step 5

Place your subject in the light box and photograph away!

Zoomed in using the phone camera zoom.


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