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Detecting in December

Whilst on leave from work I spent a few hours at a location that has served me well in the past - and I wasn't disappointed this time either.

1921 King George V Half Penny

Unknown Date Prairie 45 Toy Gun

I've found parts of toy guns before, but never a whole one so I was pretty happy with this. I am not sure about a date, my research didn't find anything. It was found only a foot or two from the 1921 half penny above.

1982 / 1983 SACA Membership Tag

Unknown Date - EPNS Spoon

1942 King George VI Penny

1942 King George VI Penny

1945 King George VI Penny

Eyeglasses (Broken, Possibly Gold Plated)

The 1942 and 1945 pennies were found in the same location as these glasses and my guess would be they were all lost at the same time. Unfortunately one of the nose pads was not able to be recovered. I'm sure it's still there.

1921 Ging George V Penny

1947 King George VI Florin

My second florin ever and first with the XP Deus.

1954 Queen Elizabeth II Shilling

Found in the same hole as the florin above - I always enjoy a silver coin spill!

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