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Hub Club Kitten Rescue - Sega

Sega (say-ga).

A beautiful little orange and white boy. He was probably the worst affected by the ringworm (poor little guy).

Sega was not one of the three escapees.

Sega is timid at first but as soon as he sees you have the kitten milk he's your best mate.

He is quite inquisitive and is always trying to bust out of quarantine when you open the door.

Sega loves milk. He's the most vocal and actually produces a noise when he meows. The rest barely break out a squeak when they try it.

He won't be quiet until the bowl is on the floor and his head is in it.

To be fair they all love the milk. They are all quarantined from Yoda as they are more advanced in ringworm treatment than Yoda, we don't want Yoda re-infecting them.


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