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Hub Club Kitten Rescue - Atari

Atari. A little black and white eating machine. He'll push the others out of the way or pull food towards him with his paws. He's always the first to run over when the food comes out.

After Yoda became ill she was kept under close supervision. One morning she was placed in the bathroom with her siblings and fell off the board that sits over the bath into the (empty) tub. As she was slipping Atari reached out as if to help her. She still slipped but jumped back on the board straight away, when she was up Atari put his paw around her shoulder. Obviously I'm anthropomorphising here, but it totally looked like a putting your arms around a shoulder gesture. If I hadn't been showering at the time there would have been a photo.

He's quite playful and probably the least anxious of the kittens next to Yoda now.


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