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Hub Club Kitten Rescue - Yoda

Yoda. The smallest of the kittens and when she first came always looked sad.

Yoda used to be called Maxine, until she flattened her ears and used the force to lift an X-wing from a swamp. Then she was called Yoda.

All the kittens had ringworm and Yoda had a bad reaction to the shampoo to treat it. She developed respiratory problems and has to be quarantined from her brothers and sisters.

Within a day or two she transitioned from being a totally frightened kitten running away from the humans to actively seeking affection from us.

She's totally, completely and utterly adorable.

She still has a long way to go so to help with the boredom of being kept in a quarantine all day I created a hidey play box for her. Within 10 seconds she was in there.


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