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Hub Club Kitten Rescue - The Escape.

Five wee little babies came into our care. The cat adoption agency was unable to take them on the day so we had them for the weekend... or so we thought.

I woke up early on the Sunday morning to attend an event and there were only two kittens in the bathroom. There had been five the night before. Searching, searching, searching revealed no kittens.

The three circled kitties escaped from the bathroom window the night before they were due to be taken to the adoption place.

I pulled back the Venetian blinds to find this...

A call went out to Facebook. And the response was overwhelming. People were searching their yards, they came over to our place to search yards, they let us search their yards, doors were knocked on and yet there were no kittens to be found.

Then on Tuesday a call came in. A neighbour spied a little face looking at her from the wood pile. A little face that belonged to a kitten.

They were found. All three. Terrified and starving hungry.


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