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1800s gold. And some other goodies.

Gold. It's what many people think of when someone says "metal detecting". I'm less into the gold and more into the coins and relics though having said that, finding a sovereign or half sovereign has been at the top of my to do list for a while.

Today, I did it, only five and a half weeks after I got my XP Deus. The decision to go over a site I'd been to MANY times before was indeed a good one.

1886 Queen Victoria Sovereign

I very nearly didn't dig this. I was heading back to the car in what was meant to be a quick swing before work when I hit this signal. The soil was clay and I'd dug a fair amount of ring pulls already.

When I realised it was a coin my heart skipped a beat, it was shilling size but did not have a high enough number on the VDI to be one. Then the shininess hit me and I knew I had a treasure.

1941 King George VI Six Pence

This coin was about 5 to 6 inches down (you can see it in the soil towards the bottom right hand corner). There is some strange red substance that doesn't come off with just a light rinse under water - not sure what it is.

Sterling Silver Commemorative Brooch (?) - Unknown Year, Suspect 1964.

This brooch (pin broke off unfortunately) has the name of two ships that were engaged in battle in 1914 (the HMAS Sydney defeated the SMS Emden). Best guess is that it is a commemorative item and based on the depth and age of other items found in the same area, I estimate it to be a 50 year commemorative brooch. Please let me know if you've got any further details! It is stamped (looks to be OT&S) sterling silver.

1922 King George V Half Penny


The Decimals

Buck Rogers Starfighter - 1980

Mobile Phone - Sans Battery



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