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The time capsule.

The year is 2015. It's September and I am well addicted to swinging my (at the time somewhat new) AT Pro. There was a bit of light left in the day so I decided to metal detect the yard again. We'd recently moved so it was mostly unswung ground. I hit a great high tone signal and begin the dig. I come across a large circular disc like thing about 20cm down that appeared hollow. Sweet! I've found a time capsule! It doesn't budge so I dig the the sides to loosen it. One side is bordered by a root so I go the other. I hit round metal. Curses! It's a pipe. Or so I thought. It was silver looking but I realised non-pipe shaped so I start digging it as removing that will give me better access to the tin. Digging, digging, digging I finally pull it out. It's a weird looking bowl. I think to myself "who buries a bowl?" I stick my hand in the hole again to feel if the tin is looser now, there's something under that bowl. It's not metal. On removal of my hand from the hole I thought I had found some wispy looking plant hairs. Then it dawned on me. That's not wispy plant hair. I shan't repeat what I said, but it's not something I would repeat around my grandad. Suffice it to say, I abandoned the tin extraction mission, replaced the bowl, filled the hole and vowed never to detect the back yard again. I then had a LONG hot shower and washed my clothes. The moral of the story: if you're going to bury your pets people - make the hole jolly deep! Some poor future detectorist thanks you.

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