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January 7, 2017.

I find a dog's ID tag with a phone number. When I find these things I try to contact the owner to see if they want it back. Since they don't live locally Jemma's mum said to bin the tag, however since I've dug up my fair share of $2 coins I insisted it was no problem to post. So post it I did.

February 15, 2017.

I receive this in the mail...

No, I didn't get the address wrong. Someone at the post office didn't realise Jemma was a valid recipient at the PO box and thus RTS'd it.

September 24, 2017.

I was in Jemma's neighbourhood so I popped in for a coffee, cake and cuddle with a cutie. It only took 8 months but I finally got to give it back and met some lovely people.

Returning lost items to their owners can be just as much fun as finding them in the first place.

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