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Interesting finds

I find things other than coins when I go metal detecting. Most of them don't make the photography or filming cut. Here are some of the more interesting ones...

1977 Hot Wheels '57 T-Bird

Matchbox No. 56 Hi-Tailer

Unknown brand, Ford Sierra XR4Ti



Watch part

Lead bullet

303 shell casings

I think this is a shot gun sell casing. This one is all metal, I mostly find paper ones.

D buckle. I love finding buckles!

Owl letter opener

Metal tube - Colgate toothpaste

Ponds dry skin cream

I can't quite make out the words, but I think it says "softas" and "hand". Presumably a hand lotion or cream.

I find a lot of these, parts of pipes. Sometimes I find whole ones. Mostly it's just parts though.

Special Strength Export Cola can. I don't remember this drink at all.

West End Draught Beer can.

Halls Orange Drink - I can't quite make out the 'ibbly' word - I don't remember this drink.

Halls Lemon Twist.

And yes. I have put the cans in the recycling for the 10c deposit :)

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