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Dog Tags and Buckles

My Deus Duo partner has been unavailable to go detecting these recent weeks, said something about having a baby a few weeks ago... ;P

Since I don't have any babies to look after I took the liberty of swinging a coil over some soil with another mate I've been trying to organise a date with for some time now.

The hour's drive was well worth it - anything with an 18 starting the date is a winner for me. Even if I didn't find something with an 18 at the start, it would still have been worth it. I was out. All day. With a friend. Swinging.

Sure beats not being out,

Here are the cleaned up finds!

1897 - 1898 Dog Registration Tag

District 72 is Encounter Bay

1900 - 1901 Dog Registration Tag

District 20 is Murray Bridge


1948 King George VI Three Pence


Bits and Bobs


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