Old haunts, new friends.

June 3, 2018

This weekend saw me go to two old hunting grounds, this time with a new detecting friend.




King George III Half Penny (???)


This coin was so toasted there was no way I could get a date.  I can barely make out some definition that looks vaguely like KG III, it's a half penny size so my best guess puts it at early 1800s.  








1943 King George VI Three Pence








Unknown Silver Item

*Edit* - Thanks to a fellow member in a Facebook group, this has been identified as a part of a screw back clip on earring.




1986 - 1987 Dog Registration Tag




Harmonica Reed






I will contact the locksmith to see if I can return this item.




Matchbox Car Part




Unknown Item

Maybe a valve stem cover?




The Decimals




The detectorists



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