A penny and a farthing

May 27, 2018

Spent both Saturday and Sunday looking for treasure.  found a few things on Saturday including an 1854 Queen Victoria penny.  Sunday I found only what at first I thought was a brown bugger.  Then I saw KG V on the obverse and was delighted to confirm it was in fact a farthing.


Another to do list item ticked off.



1854 Queen Victoria Penny


Sadly I scratched it getting it out.  It's pretty toasted!



1877 penny in this photo was not detected on this day, rather just included for size reference.



1918 King George V Farthing


Happy 100th birthday little half a bike!


This rang up at 79 - 82 on the XP Deus, when I first saw it I figured it was a brown bugger, but then thought no the VDI was too low for a 1c or 2c.  I was delighted when I saw it was a (my first) farthing.


This 2c coin was found the previous day and is included for a size reference.



Dog Registration Tags




The Decimals




The Environment


It's that time of year when there are some great photo ops on the fungi.  Thought I'd take a shot at this one. 




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