The Coin Spill

January 28, 2018

Today I found what I suspect to be the contents of a money box or a cash box of some sort.  There was no box as such, but in amongst the coins were what look to be a clasp and a handle.  Whatever it was, it produced over 200 decimal coins.




First find of the day was a penny, in the middle of a path.  It was sticking up out of the ground and my guess is that it's been like that for decades.  I suspect the years of people walking on it is why it's bent.  It actually took quite a bit of probing to remove without damaging it, the ground was like concrete.




1891 Queen Victoria Penny




The Coin Spill


After I hit a few rubbish targets and a key I made my way to the other side of a creek and hit a 1c coin.  Then another.  Then there were signals everywhere.  I stopped using the detector and just used my pinpointer.  I was digging in this spot for the best part of an hour,  

When I left there were probably still coins in the ground, but it was over 40 degrees C (104F) and I had to bail.  I got most of them though. 


200+ Decimal Coins







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