1850s Coin Spill and Cricket Belt Buckle

August 16, 2016

Today marks a hat trick in coin spills that are pre decimal and seven coins long.  What makes this one special to me is that the youngest coin in this spill was born in 1858.


On the far left, the largest coin is an 1858 Queen Victoria penny and it's larger than the modern penny featuring Queen Elizabeth.


The four coins to the right of it  and the left hand coin in the bottom row are all Queen Victoria half pennies, either 1853 or 1857.


The remaining coin that is slightly larger than the Victoria half pennies is so well worn there is no discernible writing however you can make out the monarch (who faces right) is King George III, making this a half penny 1820 or earlier.


Sitting directly beneath the coins in the photo above was the cricket belt buckle in the photo below. It has been on the receiving end of a lawn mower or other damage but the detail is amazing.


All the coins and buckle were in the same general area, about 1m square so chances are they were lost at the same time.  










You get a better view of the detail that has gone into the buckle by shining a light from the side.  I love the way the grass, sky, players, bails, stumps, bats lettering have all been considered and crafted into the design.






















Watch the video of the find!




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