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    April 14, 2019

    My Deus Duo partner has been unavailable to go detecting these recent weeks, said something about having a baby a few weeks ago... ;P

    Since I don't have any babies to look after I took the liberty of swinging a coil over some soil with another mate I've been trying to o...

    January 20, 2019

     The Deus Duo hit the soil again today, I pulled out 5 predecimals, two dog tags, a few relics and a bunch of shot gun shell casings.

    Dog Tag - 1906 - 1907

    District 68 is for Clarendon.

    Dog Tag - 1949 - 1950

    District 81 is for Macclesfield

    1935 King George V Sixpence

    1943 Ki...

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