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    January 28, 2018

    Today I found what I suspect to be the contents of a money box or a cash box of some sort.  There was no box as such, but in amongst the coins were what look to be a clasp and a handle.  Whatever it was, it produced over 200 decimal coins.

    First find of the day was...

    December 30, 2017

    Whilst on leave from work I spent a few hours at a location that has served me well in the past - and I wasn't disappointed this time either.

    1921 King George V Half Penny

    Unknown Date Prairie 45 Toy Gun

    I've found parts of toy guns before, but never a whole one so I...

    September 17, 2017

    Last weekend was the first weekend of real spring weather.  Sunshine and warm enough to go to the beach!

    Whilst I did go to the beach and came home $4 richer, I did visit a couple of spots before I hit the sand.  Here are the finds... and facts! 

    Scout Woggle with B...

    August 30, 2017

    When original plans change and your day suddenly becomes free, what do you do?  You arrange with your mate to go metal detecting of course!  After some research we decided to visit a pathway alongside a creek.  Amongst the loads of trash and a few ammunition casings, a...

    May 20, 2017

    Back at the honey hole, for want of a better phrase.  I found these coins in the same general area as the 1917 florin.  

    At the end of this blog there is video footage of the finds.  

    Straight out of the hole, 1863 half penny

    Date close up



    Straight out o...

    August 16, 2016

    Today marks a hat trick in coin spills that are pre decimal and seven coins long.  What makes this one special to me is that the youngest coin in this spill was born in 1858.

    On the far left, the largest coin is an 1858 Queen Victoria penny and it's larger than the mod...

    May 28, 2016

    I recently made a purchase of a new coil, the 5 x 8" DD coil, primarily for hunting trashy areas but since it was a new toy I was keen to get out and give it a go.

    I do love a good coin spill, especially when there are seven pre decimals in the one hole.  You can only s...

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